Leadership Development Management Institute

Become a Certified Management LeaderĀ©

About Us

The Leadership Management Development Institute (LMDI) is a non-profit organization for leadership and professional management. The institution aims at teaching both managers and leaders of various professionals how to be better at management.
The Leadership Management Development Institute is an organization that aims for manager accreditation for the leadership of managers and professionals from an international perspective.
It promotes best leadership and management practices in the context of social responsibility.

Certify the Management Leadership of Your Managers and Leaders.

Certified Management LeaderĀ© recognition and validation of your competencies in management leadership of your managers and leaders within your organization.

Research Supporting Our Certification.

Our certification is based on a university research group in leadership and strategy execution in Canada that identified the 25 most common obstacles encountered by managers and leaders.
It then researched the 25 best practices used by experienced managers who achieve better results. Therefore, this certification is based on that research and we aim at enabling you to become the master of your own leadership management.

Certifications for Your Management Leadership.

In an increasingly complex mode, your management leadership guarantees success in your career and professional career.
Leadership management for managers and certification must be based on rigorous requirements and research to update the needs of organizations.

What Are the Requirements For This Certification? How does it work?

To have completed the journey on the LeadershPath priority course and passed the multiple-choice exam as well as the management exam of the Institute.


Professor Vincent Sabourin founded the Leadership Management Development Institute.